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A hike through Paradise Valley - Moroccan Oasis

Agadir is the capital of Morocco and a beautiful resort town on the Atlantic coast. Agadir is known for its beautiful beaches and the quiet surroundings make it a great place for a holiday. If you're looking for a day trip outside of the city, Paradise Valley is perfect. Trekking through this idyllic gorge is a great way to learn about Morocco's unexpected tropical landscape.

Tourist Enjoying Paradise Valley Agadir

About 20 kilometers north of Agadir, the Paradise Valley is a series of valleys, rock formations and natural pools deep in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains. Depending on your route, it can take four to five hours to traverse the entire rocky terrain. But if you like the surroundings, you can reach the first waterfall and rock pool within an hour and relax there.

It is best to hike with us as a good reputed tours operator in Agadir we know where all the best spots are, especially during the dry season when water is scarce. Make sure you have good running or walking shoes - shoes with traction - as the paths in the valley can be treacherous and slippery. Limestone canyons and valleys are lined with palms and greenery, and waterfalls cascade from the heights of the mountainous landscape. Throughout the hike, you'll discover hidden swimming holes and, if you're brave enough, some cliff jumping. Paradise Valley is located 1,600 meters above sea level, so the air in this tropical oasis is light, crisp and clear, offering a pleasant experience of being in the middle of the natural world. The gorge is lined with palm trees, allowing visitors to enjoy some of the most picturesque views of the Moroccan countryside. In summer, the slopes are overgrown with argan trees and lavender, and you'll see natural landslides that have sunk into the valley near the rock pools. The cool, clear water is a wonderful summer respite, especially after hard hikes on narrow footpaths. There are several mountain trails, each with a view of the valley.

When is the Best Time to Visit Agadir and Paradise Valley?

Tour in Paradise Valley Agadir

Agadir is at its peak during the summer months when the sun is shining and you can enjoy the best beach weather. However, The first thing you need to know about Paradise Valley is that the weather has a significant impact on the landscape. Morocco has experienced minimal rainfall in recent years, so water levels in the valley are quite low. Before embarking on your day trip from Agadir, be sure to ask one of the locals if it has been raining in the valley lately. You don't want to get stuck in the rain when you go hiking. But the recent rains bode well for your mountain adventure. Summer in Morocco is getting drier year after year. So try not to visit Paradise Valley in June, July and August. You want to plan your trip towards the end of the rainy season; this way you will have the right time to walk and the valley will flow from the recent rain waters.

In addition to the clear rock pools and valley trails, there are also numerous local food stalls in Paradise Valley. At the start of the trails, a few improvised stalls await you to serve you delicious Moroccan delicacies, such as chicken tagine. Further along the path there are plentystalls selling fresh orange juice, bottled drinks and snacks to enjoy while relaxing by the pool.

Some areas have plastic chairs shaded by umbrellas placed right at the water's edge where you can relax and enjoy the warm Moroccan sun. Hammocks are also scattered throughout the valley's cool spots, where you can relax and even take a nap if you can get one for yourself. Casual amenities like these certainly add to Paradise Valley's eclectic vibe. The landscaping is by no means luxurious, but more like a hidden paradise created by connoisseurs. Considering the valley's history, this hippie-era feel comes as no surprise. Legend has it that Jimmi Hendrix and his legendary entourage gave the valley its name and were regulars at this bustling spot in the 1960s.

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