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Amazing Things to Do in Agadir, Souss Massa for a Diversity Trip!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Things to do in souk agadir el hed

Agadir is a wonderful Moroccan resort located on the coast of the country. It’s home to a beautiful long bay with fine sand where you can sunbathe, swim, and enjoy the always sunny days of the area. This article wants to show you some of the best things to do in Agadir, Morocco, during your stay. Take a look!

Agadir is one of the main cities in Morocco; it is, for sure, the most important seaside resort in the country. It lies north Sous River which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is mild all year long, even if you visit in colder months you can still spend time at the beach.

When it comes to the past of the city, back in In February 1960, a violent earthquake killed over a third of its population and destroyed all of Agadir. It also reduced the ancient Casbah to dust.

There’s also a lovely seafront promenade. Ten kilometers of fine sand invite visitors to relax, enjoying over 340 days a year when there’s no rain at all. Down here, check out all the great things you can do in Agadir during your stay!

Visit the Casbah

View from Agadir Oufella Kasbah

Kasbah Agadir
The casbah of Agadir

The casbah of Agadir is the first place you want to visit in Agadir. Although the quake produced significant damage to the area, the ruins are still interesting. From the casbah, the views of the coast are unique. The best moment to visit is during sunset.

The Casbah (Agadir de la Colline) was the oldest district in Agadir. It was a lively fortress with winding paths, originally built in 1572. Above the front door, the original inscription reads Fear God and Honor the King.

Discover Modern Agadir

The new city is a modern, European-like center. Flourishing and rich. Its large port serves fishing, commercial, and leisure purposes and it hosts a gorgeous marina. There are plenty of hotels and luxury resorts spreading along the main road facing the sea.

The city looks very different from other parts of Morocco because it has modern buildings instead of traditional ones. Agadir is a great place to go on a beach vacation because the winters are not too cold and the summers last a long time. Also, the resort is only a short plane ride away from Europe.

Families with children can go visit Agadir Birds Valley and the Zoo of Agadir for a few hours.

Go to the Beach in Agadir

Going to the beach is one of the best things to do in Agadir
Agadir Beach

The wide beach of Agadir is impressive, long and wide, with plenty of space to play beach sports. The sea is open, so you might want to be careful with kids, but it’s not rough unless it gets windy.

The bay of Agadir has another privilege as well, it is a member of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World. It is also served by the International Airport of Agadir – Al Massira.

Check Out the Medina of Agadir

Exploring the Medina can be added as an intriguing activity while in Agadir. Take a seat and relish a cup of customary Moroccan tea at one of the customary cafes located in La Nouvelle Medina Polizzi. Despite being a recent construction, the edifice was planned and erected in accordance with the customary architectural style of the nation.

Explore the cozy boutiques vending classic keepsakes or savor an indigenous Moroccan meal at affordable rates. It costs approximately 40 Dirham to enter.

Shop at the Souk of Agadir (One of the Best Things to Do in Agadir!)

One other activity to partake in while in Agadir is visiting Souk Al Ahad, which happens to be one of the most notable outdoor markets across the nation.

When making your shopping list, be sure to remember to include spices. It has been claimed that this region yields the finest saffron in Africa. Therefore, if you have a passion for cooking, it is recommended that you procure spices from Agadir as a priority activity, so you may use them in your culinary pursuits later.

You can also consider purchasing customary ceramics like Moroccan tajines and bowls, along with silver teapots and tea glasses, as well as mint to brew your Moroccan tea. Moreover, leather items are of good quality and available at reasonable prices. Smart paraphrasing of text requires a deep understanding of the original meaning while using different words and sentence structure to convey the same message effectively.

Don't procrastinate further. If you're seeking relief from the monotonous European winter, consider taking a flight to Agadir, an incredible destination.

Only 20 km from the city of Agadir, Paradise Valley is a region shaped by the course of the river Tamrhakht. In the area, you can swim in unique rock pools with crystal clear water, discover the natural landscape, and explore the gorges.

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Thrill in Agadirs’ Crocopark

Agadir Crocodile Stop is one more thing you'll do in Agadir. You'll be able appreciate a walk within the botanical cultivate and the cactus of the stop or find the range given to the crocodiles from the waterway Nile stream, the lake, and the shoreline region extraordinarily outlined to have crocodiles.

Kids adore entering the stop by strolling another to a tremendous, open crocodile mouth that invites them to the park. Taking after the well-marked circuit, it’s conceivable to spot the over 300 crocodiles that live within the stop and learn almost their territory and propensities.

The park opens from 10 am to 6 pm in winter and it closes at 8 pm in summer.

Discover the Beautiful Legzira

A nice thing to do in Agadir is to go on a trip to see the pretty Legzira beach. A while ago, Legzira was named one of the top 40 beaches in the world.

Sadly, the Agadir beach area usually gets windy from the ocean. The Legzira area is especially windy. However, the visit will reward you with unique views of the two stunning arches that reach the sand.

Legzira is also a great place for surfing (windsurfing and kitesurfing too!). If you are a fan of photography, you need to check the huge arches that the sea and the wind have carved in the area. If you visit when the tides are low, you can even walk through them on the sand.

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